Fiverr has exacting guidelines and rules for instalments. This is so on the grounds that they give full security to sellers’ instalments. When buyer masterminds a gig he needs to pay at a spot and a while later until the solicitation is get completed Fiverr holds the money. At the point when a seller finishes a request and conveys it to the buyer, he won’t be paid at this point then the query comes out as when do I get paid on Fiverr? Soon after the buyer respond to your order. The buyer needs to check the request total at exactly that point the seller would get his instalment.

In the event that buyer doesn’t react on the conveyance, at that point, it will be checked finished consequently following three days. And afterwards, the freedom procedure starts and it takes 14 days to get the instalment in your record.

There are 3 manners by which a Fiverr client can use to pull back assets from Fiverr. First is the PayPal account, the subsequent one is through Fiverr Revenue Card and the other one is through Bank Account, for example, Payoneer Account. For the Pakistan and Bangladesh clients, PayPal administration isn’t accessible so they can utilize either Fiverr Revenue Card or the Payoneer record to get paid.

Payment technique 1: Through Pay Pal account

In the wake of signing in to the Fiverr record, click Selling option > then select Earnings.

You can possibly pull back assets when the monetary allowance is accessible in the Accessible for Withdraw zone.

On the off chance that you’ve connected the PayPal Account, at that point select the PayPal Account, in the Withdrawal segment.

The instalment procedure begins when a warning shows up. An email is sent to the Email account related to PayPal. The seller needs to tap the connection gave in the email so as to proceed with the procedure. The base withdrawal sum is $1 and the charges are 2% per withdrawal. It might take up to hours to move it to your record, because of security concerns.

Payment technique 2: Fiverr Revenue Card

The Indians can’t be engaged with this office. On the off chance that you have the Fiverr Revenue Card, at that point click on the Fiverr Revenue Card choice from the Withdrawal segment. The instalment procedure begins when a warning shows up. An email is sent to your email account.

It’s your choice whether you need the assets moved quickly, inside 2 hours or even inside 2 days. Keep in mind the base withdrawal support is $5. For withdrawal inside 2 days, the charge is $1 and $3 for inside 2 hours.

Fiverr revenue card fees

  • It’s allowed to set up a Fiverr revenue card.
  • There is a $5 enactment charge for your card.
  • At the point when you get a Fiverr Revenue card, you’ll get a Payoneer specialist account that is totally free too.
  • You’ll pay a fixed $1 expense each time you pull back from Fiverr to Payoneer, regardless of the amount you pull back.
  • It takes as long as 48 hours for your assets to clear on your Fiverr Revenue card, yet you can pay a $3 expense on the off chance that you need the cash to clear inside 2 hours.
  • The base withdrawal sum from Fiverr to Payoneer is $5.
  • When your assets are on your Fiverr Revenue card, you can pull back them at any ATM or use them to make buys on the web or coming up. Fiverr and Payoneer don’t charge any expenses for this.
  • Your Fiverr Revenue Card is a Fiverr Mastercard, so you may need to pay charges on certain exchanges, as indicated by Mastercard’s terms and conditions.
  • In the event that you need to move cash from your Fiverr Revenue card into your USD/GBP/EUR bank account rather than doing an immediate bank move from Fiverr with no remote money transformation, you’ll pay $/£/€1.50 for each move.
  • Despite the fact that you do need to pay a charge for a Fiverr to Payoneer withdrawal, it’s extremely small as long as you pull back enormous sums at each time.

Payment technique 3: Bank Transfer

In the event that you’ve connected Payoneer to the Fiverr, at that point you can benefit this administration.

Try not to have a Payoneer account? Make Now.

Select Bank Transfer from the withdrawal territory.

An email is sent to your Email account which checks the progression of the Fiverr instalment process.

Choose Begin from the point of arrival and legitimize the enrollment from the Payoneer Website. Keep in mind: The base pulling back reserve is $20. This strategy charges you $3 per exchange extra charges may apply depending on the spot.

Already have a Payoneer account?

On the off chance that you as of now have a Payoneer account, this is simple:

From your Withdrawals page on Fiverr, pick either bank transfer or Fiverr revenue card. You’ll get an email that guides you to Payoneer.

Open the email and follow the connections to enter your Payoneer username and secret key. You’ll get an affirmation email telling you that your records are connected.

Presently you can pull back assets straightforwardly from your Fiverr parity page to your Payoneer Mastercard, which fills in as your Fiverr Revenue card, or through Payoneer direct to your financial balance.


Payoneer is extraordinary compared to other Fiverr withdrawal strategies for consultants who need to realize how to get paid on Fiverr or who always strive for the same question in their mind that when do I paid on Fiverr? It’s simple for existing Payoneer clients to associate Fiverr to their Payoneer account. For newcomers, getting a Fiverr revenue card is cheap and basic. When you have a Fiverr revenue card, you appreciate low expenses, quick clearing occasions, and adaptable access to your cash at whatever point and any place you like. In addition, Fiverr clients who get paid in remote money can utilize Payoneer low outside cash trade rates and charges to change over money at serious rates.