Here we go !  The article about the second tool I use every day after BookBolt obviously. After reading this or watching the video, you will never upload a low content book without MerchTitans

Maybe, you have penned down the greatest novel of the century, a to-be super hit comic story or a fairly written book, you need to get your work reviewed before you publish it. Feedbacks and reviews provide us with better insights into our work.

Publishers’ demands are very high from a writer. In this modern world, DIY is very famous, so is KDP. You can design and directly publish your own work in a DIY (Do It Yourself) manner. Now, you can publish your own as an eBook and paperback by changing your book in a KDP form.

MerchTitans Automation:

MerchTitans provides an efficient solution to all the writers by providing a powerful and high-quality platform for the KDP. Now, you can kindle direct publish your book with the automated procedure of the Merch Titans. With our new automation software, you can directly upload your notebooks, journals, low-content books, magazines or books on our website and KDP them in an automated procedure.

How Better KDP Works on MerchTitans:

KDP automation works like any other app on your windows and the mac in the most convenient manner without any hiccups. It works better in the following manner:

  1. First of all, you will have to download and install the MercTitans KDP Automation Application.
  2. You need to export a blank spreadsheet and put all the data in it in your book.
  3. You are given the styles and fonts settings options in the MerchTitans.
  4. It is better to use the MerchTitans because it provides you with unique “parallel” upload systems, which allows you to upload the different files at the same time.
  5. Just click the start and MerchTitans will do all the magic for you.

With these simple steps, you can upload your book and KDP it in a few minutes period.

Become Our Member and Get Rid of Manual Uploading of Files

Manual uploading of the files consumes a lot of time. So, it is suggested to you that you must register an account with us and access the following things:

  1. KDP Automation Application Download
  2. 1 License Key provided to you on the registration
  3. Unlimited Times Downloading Can Be Undertaken.
  4. Parallel upload systems
  5. Beginner self-help videos and tutorials
  6. Lifetime Updates
  7. Excellent Customer Support

These are a few characteristics that you can avail after registering with the MerchTitans.

Benefits of Using MerchTitans for self-help publish your book on KDP:

Following are the main benefits of self-publishing your book in eBook and Paperback forms:

  1. Keep the Rights: You do not have to sell the rights to another person. You have all your rights reserved in your book.
  2. Readily Available: You can set up your book very quickly in the KDP form. Thus, you can make it available online on Kindle stores in no time. You also can put the print on demand option, so your book never runs out of stock.
  3. Royalties: You can earn almost 60% royalty on the paperback.