Low Content Book

How to create a no content book? What is a No Content Book?

These are softcover books with next to no content – books like diaries, workbooks, and even notebooks.

A no content book is one that contains some composed content, yet far short of what one would discover in a commonplace book. A diary that had helpful statements on each page would be viewed as a low content book.

A day organizer with the times of the week and months recorded would be another model. A mileage following book for the miles you drive your vehicle every day of the week would be another. Indeed, even a formula book could be viewed as a low content book.

While no content books do have some composed content, it’s significantly not exactly would be commonly discovered when one envisions a book.

Indeed, it’s conceivable to bring in money with low content books. These kinds of books are selling like hot-cakes on different locales including Amazon’s Create Space. As of now, shading books for grown-ups are probably the top of the line books on Amazon, no content or something else.

Diaries consistently sell well on the off chance that they can catch the consideration of the journalists who need them. In the event that you can think of any specialty where these sorts of books are sought after, they will sell well.

No Content Books Publication on Amazon Step-By-Step

Sign In to KDP

You most likely as of now have an Amazon account, isn’t that so? Since I realize you’ve gotten some great stuff with that free transportation. In any case, if not, you’re going to need to pursue an Amazon account.

That is all you should have the option to sign in to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).


Make the Interior of Your Book

Presently you will begin! When you’ve chosen the sort of book you need to distribute, you have to make your inside.

You can do this with archive creation programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. In any case, the best and most straightforward approach to make insides and spreads, so far as that is concerned is with PowerPoint.

You need to make a low-content book inside that is 200 pages or less on the grounds that once you go past 200 pages, your book begins to get huge and harder to utilize. Of course, you can make greater books, however, you’ll need to test that, so spare this for when you have some understanding.

If you need help designing your book, you can use BookBolt.io, a very good tool for KDP business! You can read more about this tool in this article.



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Make a Cover

When you’ve completed your inside, it’s an ideal opportunity to make your book spread. You can pay somebody to do this or you can make a basic book spread in only a couple of moments. Furthermore, basic spreads SELL.

You should have your inside done first since you’ll have to know what number of pages your completed book will have. When you realize that, you can download a softcover book layout.

Save Interior and Cover as PDF

Both your inside and you spread must be spared as PDFs to be prepared for transferring to KDP. In case you’re doing this in Word or PowerPoint, it’s as basic as clicking Save As > PDF. In the event that that is impossible, you can utilize a program like Primo PDF.

Sign in to KDP to Create Your Paperback

When you have your inside and spread spared as PDFs and prepared for distributing, it’s a great opportunity to sign in and include your new book.

Sign in to your KDP record and then click it + Paperback.

Enter your book’s title, caption, arrangement, and version information, your writer-business name or pen name, and select your distributing rights.

Include your catchphrases and pick your classes. At that point, click the button Save and Continue.

On the following page, you’ll get a free ISBN number and wrap up the points of interest for your book.


ISBN exemple


At the point when you’ve picked your paper type, book size, spread completion, and have transferred your spread and composition, you’ll need to spare your work.

It takes FOREVER for a preview to produce, so we’re going to stop here and hold up at any rate 30 minutes before returning to preview our book and proceed to set our cost and appropriation.  Meanwhile, print more books.

Preview, Set the Cost of Book and submit it for Review

When you’ve held up a piece, return to dispatch the book previewer and examine over your spread and inside to ensure it looks how you need it to look – no mix-ups.

Tab on the button Save and Continue.

Now, you’ll select your appropriation – ensure you check Extended Distribution with the goal that your book can be gotten by different sellers – including bookstores. The following stage is to pick your value point. Research other comparable books to discover a scope of costs and pick one that you accept is a solid match for your book.

What’s more, the last advance is to distribute and present your book for review. Amazon reviews books independently and it takes several days to see whether you have to make some alters or if your book has been distributed to the commercial center.

Tips to create no content books!

  • Set aside the effort to look into your thoughts the specialty and catchphrases you pick straightforwardly influence your benefits.
  • Attempt this system to explore the keywords and get huge amounts of thoughts for books and specialties.
  • When your book is distributed, that page is up for all time, regardless of whether you choose to “unpublish” your book.
  • Try not to spam. Amazon has approaches set up to forestall this, yet it’s a smart thought to stay out of trouble clean at any rate.
  • Follow the principles and make top-notch stuff.
  • Give testing a shot a specialty before you distribute an arrangement or various kinds of a similar book.
  • Use precisely what’s on your book spread as the title you enter in KDP. Amazon is a stickler for this.
  • On the off chance that you don’t need to spread content, use Cover Creator to put your title on the spine.
  • Formats spare a great deal of time utilize top-notch ones and change them to make them special.