About me

Greetings guys !

Welcome to the youtube Income Shelter channel website! You have just crossed the doors of a dark world where everything is an excuse to do business and create income, whether passive or active (but mostly passive)!

I launched this channel to prove to myself that I was able to captivate an audience that was not at all familiar to me and above all to explore new horizons, whether from a linguistic(I’m French and you know the overall level of French people when it comes to speaking English!) or business point of view!

I managed a web agency for 3 years which is still very successful in France but, thanks to my partner who now manages the whole agency, I can devote myself to my dream of creating a brand new business with an international reach!

Feel free to browse through the different articles and videos on the site. I try day after day to propose more and more efficient content and even if I know thatI’m still far from the level of some, I don’t intend to give up so soon!

See you soon for a new video!