Hello guys ! I’m here again to help you to find Low content book niches !


Subsequent to making some genuine move, you’ve distributed a large number of lined diaries and feel completely positive about the low-content distributing process. You’ve made a couple of deals; however, you’re prepared to truly wrench things up an indent, and increasingly lined diaries simply don’t feel like the best approach when there are THOUSANDS of them live on Amazon.

Be that as it may, what to do straightaway?

You don’t need to hop legitimately into planning super-complex insides in darken specialities so as to enhance your book inventory and begin producing expanded deals. On the off chance that you’re more into the venturing stone methodology, at that point read on to find 5 beneficial low-content book specialities you can attempt that will get you out of the lined-diary region and investigating a couple of other middle-level low-content specialities.

This is certainly not a comprehensive rundown—there are numerous other low-content book types you can attempt. Be that as it may, the sorts on this rundown offer a characteristic movement from lined diaries and, as I stated, can be taken a gander at as venturing stones into increasingly complex low-content book thoughts.

When making books in the following expansive specialities, make certain to “speciality down” however much as could be expected. For instance, as opposed to making a conventional visitor book, make a visitor book for a young lady’s first birthday celebration party; and as opposed to making a regular book of original copy paper, make one-pointed explicitly at a trumpet player in a jazz band. The thought is to stay away from over-immersion by boring down the extent that you can go and making books focused on unmistakable individuals and intrigue gatherings.

We will find many ideas in the follow low content book niches right now :


  1. Visitor BOOKS

Visitor books are a zone where I’ve had some truly incredible accomplishment by focusing on quite certain intrigue bunches at unmistakable seasons. There is a lot of alternatives were birthday events, commemorations, occasion parties, work capacities, weddings—anyplace that gatherings of individuals are assembled regularly for wistful reasons. Play around with the general design and what subtleties to incorporate.


Speck grid diaries are presumably the most straightforward kind of low-content book to endeavour in the wake of acing the lined diary. They’re truly just books loaded up with pages of specks in a matrix design. Since the insides are so straightforward, you’re true must give unique consideration to separating your book through its spread craftsmanship, so be certain you’re truly focusing on what explicit segment or intrigue bunch you’re attempting to engage.

On the other hand, you search for an approach to make the inside progressively mind-boggling, similar to the third model below, which works superbly of taking the straightforward spot network diary idea to the following level.


Logbooks are incredible in light of the fact that there is a ton of scopes with regards to how basic or complex you go with the insides, just as an apparently ceaseless rundown of leisure activities and interests where a logbook may be helpful. Two absolutely divergent models would be an eating regimen and exercise logbook and a tracker’s shooting log book.

  1. Manuscript PAPER

Manuscript paper is the thing that artists use to record their melodic organizations in the composed arrangement. You’ll additionally observe this called staff paper, sheet music, music composing cushions, or music structure notebooks.

There are a few varieties you can create with this sort of book, for example, the width of the fights (the 5 level lines that melodic notes are composed on), yet likewise with the lined diary, since the inside is very straightforward, you’ll truly need to invest some additional energy into separating your books through who you’re focusing on, and the spread craftsmanship you use.

  1. Every day PLANNERS

Organizers are the most intricate books on this rundown to make, and they’re my most loved for that very explanation. The more unpredictable and tedious an inside is to make; the more rivalry drops away because of the reluctance to invest a lot of energy making a book that they’re uncertain will offer an arrival for that time. This is extraordinary news for those of us that are happy to take that risk so as to make an increasingly supportable independently publishing business.

Having said that, organizers are certainly turning out to be increasingly more mainstream with independent publishers, so there is as yet that need to bore down and reveal undiscovered sub-specialities and target them suitably.

  1. Colouring Books

Some time back, colouring and shading books were a hot distributing pattern. They’ve chilled a piece. I think the market got a piece oversaturated, some of the time with me as well or conventional works that didn’t offer anything new or exceptional for perusers. In the event that you can make a book that takes advantage of an extraordinary need or enthusiasm, there still might be a few chances.

To be honest, colouring books are one the best low content book niches I ever met on KDP. You should definitively try it !


Use your own craft! Try not to believe that you can swipe some line drawing from the web and, presto, you have a shading book page. It might be copyrighted and not in the open area! In addition, if it’s as of now on the web it’s not one of a kind and attractive.

  1. Word Games and Crossword Puzzles

Some low content distributions are lasting top choices. Take a crossword puzzle and word search books. For an arrival flight not long ago, was truly worn out and realized – wouldn’t have the option to focus on composing or perusing anything work-wise. So, meandered into the air terminal bookstore for a bite and to check whether there was something enjoyable to peruse.

In the event that you need to take a stab at making word games, there are some online word game generators for word search and crosswords. Yet, be cautious about perusing the Terms of Service! You might be denied from distributing and selling what you make in any structure, however particularly if it’s in electronic or eBook structure.

One other note about this fragment. Attempting to rival the mass-market puzzles like The New York Times crosswords is difficult to incomprehensible. Be unique! I saw one venturesome creator on Instagram who makes word puzzles dependent on a mainstream music sort and culture. Exceptionally cool.


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